Chatham Machinery Manufacturing

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Jbc 2001 Limited

Chatham, Ontario
Telephone: (519) 352-0208

JBC has experienced 20 years steady growth, due to our focus on exceeding customer expectations. Acquiring a new customer is great, but our proudest accomplishments are working with repeat customers ...
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Thames Machine & Tool Limited

Chatham, Ontario
Telephone: (519) 352-5637

Manufacturer of Tools, Dies, Jigs, Fixtures. -Special machinery - Design and build -CNC machining - Milling and turning -Thermal vacuum formingDIE, METALWORKING MACHINERY, NES , TOOL, METALWORKING, ...
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Russell Tool & Die Ltd.

Chatham, Ontario
Telephone: (519) 352-8168

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Guspro Inc.

Chatham, Ontario
Telephone: (519) 352-4550

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Superior Machine & Tool (chatham) Ltd

Chatham, Ontario
Telephone: 519-354-4640
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Can Tech Quality

Chatham, Ontario
Telephone: 519-351-2177
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Guspro Inc

Chatham, Ontario
Telephone: 519-352-4550
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A & A Metal Cleaning & Strpng

Chatham, Ontario
Telephone: 519-351-9600
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Dagati Integrated Systems Inc

Chatham, Ontario
Telephone: 519-354-3131
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Chatham, Ontario
Telephone: 519-352-4916
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Moczik Tool & Die Works Of Canada Ltd

Chatham, Ontario
Telephone: 519-352-3940
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Russell Tool & Die Ltd

Chatham, Ontario
Telephone: 519-352-8168
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B L Shaw Heating

Chatham, Ontario
Telephone: 519-351-4547
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County Machine Shop

Chatham, Ontario
Telephone: 519-354-0788
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N H Global Design

Chatham, Ontario
Telephone: 519-351-8882
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Siemens Canada Ltd

Chatham, Ontario
Telephone: 519-352-6700
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White Polishing & Developing

Chatham, Ontario
Telephone: 519-355-0733
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Precision Die Core Inc

Chatham, Ontario
Telephone: 519-380-0310
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Industries in the Machinery Manufacturing subsector create end products that apply mechanical force, for example, the application of gears and levers, to perform work. Some important processes for the manufacture of machinery are forging, stamping, bending, forming, and machining that are used to shape individual pieces of metal. Processes, such as welding and assembling are used to join separate parts together. Although these processes are similar to those used in metal fabricating establishments, machinery manufacturing is different because it typically employs multiple metal forming processes in manufacturing the various parts of the machine. Moreover, complex assembly operations are an inherent part of the production process. In general, design considerations are very important in machinery production. Establishments specialize in making machinery designed for particular applications. Thus, design is considered to be part of the production process for the purpose of implementing NAICS. The NAICS structure reflects this by defining industries and industry groups that make machinery for different applications. A broad distinction exists between machinery that is generally used in a variety of industrial applications (i.e., general purpose machinery) and machinery that is designed to be used in a particular industry (i.e., special purpose machinery). Three industry groups consist of special purpose machinery--Agricultural, Construction, and Mining Machinery Manufacturing; Industrial Machinery Manufacturing; and Commercial and Service Industry Machinery Manufacturing. The other industry groups make general-purpose machinery: Ventilation, Heating, Air Conditioning, and Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturing; Metalworking Machinery Manufacturing; Engine, Turbine, and Power Transmission Equipment Manufacturing; and Other General Purpose Machinery Manufacturing.